Guaranteed Against Serving Separation, Peep Rotation, and Creep


We are proud to sell and support the U.S.A. made Twisted X bowstring.


Twisted X Bowstrings have a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase against manufacturer defects. This includes serving separation, peep rotation and string creep.


Quality bowstrings and customer service is what Twisted X Bowstrings is all about. They use the best materials available from BCY to produce a string that is second to none.


Twisted X Bowstrings strings are pre stretched and served under 350 lbs. of tension to produce a string that remains stable throughout the life of the string. Each set is built when ordered to ensure that the quality Twisted X Bowstrings set out to provide is met every time. Custom strings are my business, therefore, if you have a special request for an item not found in the custom string builder such as special color configurations, higher strand count or if your bowstring needs aren't listed, please contact me to discuss those options.

**Actual color may vary.

Bow String Builder

Custom Bow Strings


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Alpine It didn't take Idaho born Alpine Archery long after their start in 1988 to start putting their stamp on archery. The first was the Slide Lock overdraw, this was the first adjustable length overdraw on the market. Another notable innovation on Alpine's part was the machined riser. In 1990 Alpine

Athens logo Athens All around Athens has a very solid line up and is up to snuff with industry standards. Having a bow for almost anyone, they will appeal to a wide variety of archers. With several different finish options their appeal is even greater. Overall Athens has quality bows and accessories.


Bear Archery logo Bear Bear Archery was created by Fred Bear, a famous and passionate American bow hunter. With the main principle being "it's all about the hunt", the company is now recognized as a quality archery equipment manufacturer.

Ben Pearson logo Ben Pearson Ben Pearson archery is still going strong. While they are not the most advertised brand out there, they are very worthy of taking a look at. Some archer prefer the below the radar popularity of these bows as they think they are hidden gems. In all reality these are very good bows that will stand up

Bowtech logo Bowtech BowTech is a successful and fast growing manufacturer of high quality compound bows and archery equipment. The company was created in 1999 by John Strasheim and Kevin Strother who wanted to make a positive lasting impact on the industry. The company's growth is impressive.


Browning logo Browning Browning has been a major name in shooting and outdoors equipment for a very long time and archery wasn't any different. Even most recently when they has their bows made by PSE, they still had a very competitive designs and features. From recurves to the more modern compounds a bow with the famous

Darton logo Darton Darton is a name that almost anyone, who has been shooting for 20 years or more, recognizes as top of the line bow manufacture of the days of old. However, many of today's beginning archers have never heard of the brand Darton. Despite the fact they have continued to produce a high quality

Diamond logo Diamond Diamond Archery manufactures a variety of quality compound bows and archery equipment mainly aimed at the mid-range price sector. Having been acquired by Bowtech in 2004 the company continues to improve the quality of their products through enhancing their processes and applying new technologies.


Elite Archery logo Elite Elite Archery was created in 2005 in the state of Washington. While this is a relatively new company, Elite Archery is known for manufacturing high quality compound bows and providing excellent customer service. Some of the bows manufactured by this company are very tough competitors.


G5 logo G5 Despite G5's bow manufacturing division is still relatively young, all their compound bows are built using proven technologies and high quality components. In just 3 years the company came up with new bow designs that were recognized as high quality products by many archers and experts. read more...


Hoyt logo Hoyt Hoyt Archery was founded in 1942 and it continues to be one of the best compound bow manufacturers in the world ever since. Admittedly, Hoyt Archery is one of the most innovative compound bow designers in the world: The equipment made by this company is very popular among many archers and hunters.


Limbsaver logo Limbsaver Steve Sims founded a company named Sims Vibration Dynamics in 1991, a company that initially had nothing to do with the archery industry. Sims initially focused on dampening and isolating vibration for audio turntables. When CD's hit the market Sims Vibration Dynamics was not poised to handle the


Martin logo Martin Martin Archery is a family owned business that was created in 1951 to become one of the largest archery product manufacturers in the world. With a wide range of archery products, including pro series and gold series compound bows, Martin Archery manufacture quality products for professionals and


Mathews logo Mathews Mathews Inc. was created by a very talented engineer Matt McPherson who managed to lead the company through all the phases of its growth to become one of the top compound bow manufacturers in the world. By promoting great company values and delivering innovating engineering solutions Mathews Inc.


Mission logo Mission In 2007 Mission archery was born as a division of Mathews Inc. The company was founded to bring the technologies of Mathews bows with a price tag that many archers could afford. Reportedly in pro shops they were deemed the working man's bow. In all the Mission branch of Mathews Inc does what it


Parker logo Parker Parker Compound Bows Inc was originally founded in 1984 under the name Nationwide Archery. The company's founder, Robert Errett, is a former employee of Bear Archery and friend of the famed Fred Bear. Nationwide Archery grew to become a major player in the archery world and in 2003 became Parker


PSE logo PSE PSE Archery, short for Precision Shooting Equipment, is a successful and popular compound bow manufacturer that has been providing archery equipment since 1970. The company was founded by a passionate archer, Pete Shepley, whose great achievements allowed the company to immediately gain a lot of


Ross logo Ross In 2004 Andy and Angie Ross decided to start a new company manufacturing compound bows. That is how Ross Archery was born. In just a few months, at the 2005 ATA show, they officially unveiled their company and their very first bow line. Despite being a very young company.


Rytera logo Rytera Rytera is a bow manufacturer that has been focused on achieving innovative new ways to improve the world of archery by creating cutting edge technologies. A very innovative manufacturer with Martin as its parent company, this is a great combination.


Strother logo Strother Strother Archery was co-found by Kevin Strother who formerly designed for Bowtech and Elite. Strother showed up in 2010 with some impressive bows. Kevin's designs have been used by many archers over the years and with Strother it isn't any different. Even though Strother is a new name in archery.


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