Archery Services

Local Archery Services

Below is a list of our general services. If you need additional services please call us for a price.

General Charges

Archery Service Hourly Rate $40.00 to $60.00 per hour

Minimum Labor Charge $8.00

Bow Press Fee $7.00 per bow


Compound Bow Services

Basic Bow Setup $15.00

     - Installation and mounting of accessories and basic bow setup


Advanced Bow Setup $35.00

     - Installation of silencers, rests, sights, and standard bow tuning


Standard Bow Tuning $15.00

     - Adjust Draw Weight and Length, Center Flight, and Nock


Advanced Bow Tuning $35.00

     - Axis Level and Squaring, set timing, Parts Not Included.


Basic Pre-Season Inspection $20.00

     - Clean and Lube axles, bearings, and cams


Advanced Pre-Season Inspection $30.00

     - Complete Tear-down, Lube, clean axles, set timing, adjust rest,


Parts Not Included.


Adjustment Services

Adjust Draw Length $10.00


Poundage Adjustment $2.00


Nocking Point Adjustment $2.00


Arrow Rest Installation $5.00 (Add $3.00 if installed with String)


Tiller Adjustment (each) $2.00


Set Bow Weight $3.00


Wheel Timing $10.00


Cable Guard Adjustment $2.00


Nock Set Installation $2.00


Nocking String Loop (includes loop) $10.00


Bow Fitting to Person $10.00

     - Sizing for right size arrow, arrow length, point weight, and fletch size


Sight and Quiver Mounting (each) $5.00

     - Parts Not Included



Custom String and Tune Package Special

String & Bow Tuning $129.00

     - Your choice of any custom built string.

     - Installation of String, Cam(s) Timed, Peep Sight Tied-in (Peep not included), D-loop Installed, Idler / Cam Lean Set and  Paper Tuned


Strings Services

Reserve Center String $6.00


Silencer Tie-In $6.00

     - Silencers sold separately


Nocking Loop Tie-In $6.00

     - Loop String Sold Separately


Install Peep without Tie-ins $3.00


Peep Tie-In $4.00

     - Peep sight sold separately


Replace Bow String $8.00

     - String sold separately


Replace Cable/Cables $8.00

     - Cables sold separately


Install Kisser Button $3.00

     - Kisser button sold separately


Wax Bowstring and cables $3.00


Installation of Misc. Bow String Accessories. $3.00


Arrows Services

Cut Arrows to Length $5.00 per dozen ($0.50 each)

     - Arrows sold separately




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